The Founding Donors

11/19/18 22:21 By Wilderness Chaplains

A huge thank you to the individuals who donated in the very beginning. These people donated via Go Fund Me solely in support of the dream of what Wilderness Chaplains could be. They donated selflessly in support of a vision. Without them, Wilderness Chaplains would never have become a reality. Thank you so much for believing!

Jon Anderson

Brigitte Brown

Jeff Burdys

David Colwell

Marcia Crews

Nicole DeKay

Brian Fielder

Janine Gates

Amie Guidry

Charlotte Headley

Emiliesa Horwitz

Michael James

Renee Johnson

Patt Kelly-Pollet

Neil Kirby

Matt Kurjanowicz

Debra Ransier

Adam Schran

Seth Schran

Lisa Simpson

Tim Valentine

Dustin Wintczack

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