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How You Learn = How We Train

We know your time is valuable. We also know that there is an endless amount of training requirements for first responders. Wilderness Chaplains & Crisis Response Services use these guiding principles to keep our training programs useful, meaningful, and valuable:

"Need to Know" Matters Most

We won't waste your time learning something if we can't justify when or why you'll need to know it.


Skills Save Lives

Your time should be spent learning, practicing, and refining your skills.


Respect the Research

While it is fun to talk about new ideas, we want methods and models that have been field-tested and peer-reviewed. If we can't cite a study or refer to a reputable source, we will not use it in our curriculum.


Learn From Experience

Our trainers and responders have valuable experience to share, and so do you. Be prepared to share your stories, ask questions, and learn from each other.


Approximate Time: 2 hours
Audience: wilderness search and rescue teams and the outdoor community (free)

This interactive and engaging presentation will provide you with a foundation for helping yourself and others after a traumatic event. 

Anyone who spends time outdoors, in remote areas, or wants to learn how to support someone after a traumatic loss should attend. 

Topics include building resilience, identifying indicators of critical incident stress, and assisting others following a traumatic event.

This training is always free of charge for wilderness volunteer and nonprofit teams that provide search, rescue, and recovery services.

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